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Several diseases can be cured by a simple method called WATER THERAPY. An article published by Japan's Sickness Association tells us how the system has to be followed for quick results. Before giving the details of this therapy, one might be interested to know some of the diseases which can be cured under this therapy. They are HEADACHE, HYPERTENSION, ANAEMIA, RHEUMATISM, GENERAL PARALYSIS, OBESITY, ARTHRITIS, SINUSITIS, TACHYCARDIA, ANESTHESIA, COUGH, ASTHAMA, BRONCHITIS, PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS, MENINGITIS, HEPATIC, UROGENITAL DISEASES, HYPERACIDITY, DYSENTRY, RECTAL PROLAPSE, CONSTIPATION, DIABETES, EYE TROUBLES, OPTHALMIC HEAMORIAGE, OPTHALMIA, IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION, LEUCORRHOEA, UTERINE CANCER, CANCER OF THE MAMMARY GLANDS, RHINITIS, PHARYNGITIS.

It might sound incredible, but facts cannot be denied. As said by CONFUCIUS early 2500 years back, the health of an organism is tempered wholly by the mechanics of the stomach. As a modern Saint, PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA analysed, that IT IS OVER EATING ON ALL THE 365 DAYS OF A YEAR that leads to and complicates diseases.

Consuming ordinary drinking water by the right method purifies the human body. It renders the colon more effective in forming new fresh blood, known in medical terms as 'haemotopaises'. That the mucousal folds of colon and intestines are activated by theis method, is an undisputed fact. Just as the theory that new fresh blood is producted by the absorption of the nutrients of the food by the function of the mucousal. If the colon is cleaned then the nutrients of the food taken serveral times in a day will be absorbed and by the action of the mucousal folds, they are turned into fresh blood. This blood is all important in curing ailments and restoring health, and for this, water should be consumed in a regular pattern.


Every morning, as soon as one gets up, he should drink 1.26kg (1260cc/ml) of water at a stretch, without washing teeth, mouth, face or even eyes (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT). For the next 45 minutes, one SHOULD NOT EAT OR TAKE ANY BEVERAGES. After the Night Dinner (before going to bed), one SHOULD NOT EAT OR DRINK STIMULATING BEVERAGES OR SOFT DRINKS, A youngster who followed this therapy sums up his experience this way ".....After taking water, I urinated three times in one hour and the breakfast later tasted wonderful, The next day too, I drank water and felt that my bowels became free. In three months time, I put on weight. Ever since I took to WATER THERAPY, I never felt sick nor was affected by the COLD or COUGH ......" Where water contains impurities, it should be boiled in the night to be used in the morning.

Now all this triggers the inevitable question: "Can sickly persons drink 1260cc (about 4 steel glasses of 320cc or 2 bottles of syrup) of water at a stretch?" Perhaps no. After drinking maximum quantity of water , one should do "SPOTWALKING", lie for one minute and then drink the remaining water. Those who are weak to walk should practise abdominal breathing in a sitting or a standing posture and drink the rest of the water. During the first one or two days, one may urinate three to four times within one hour of water intake. However everything will be normal within 3 or 4 days. Persons suffering from ARTHRITIS and RHEUMATISM should practice WATER THERAPY three times a day for one week and therafter once in a day. While following this therapy, one should drink water 2 hours after a meal. One should not consume soft drinks containing poison or snacks or fast food before going to bed. WATER THERAPY is very simple, in-expensive and miraculous in its effects. NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Experience has shown that following diseases were cured by water therapy within the time shown:
1. HYPERTENSION (1 month)
2. CONSTIPATION (1/2 days)
3. DIABETES (1/2 weeks)
4. CANCER (1 month)

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